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Northern International Holding Tianjin Silk Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954. After decades of hard work and reform and innovation by the "Silk People", the company has developed in a healthy, stable and sustainable manner and has now become a well-known joint-stock enterprise in the industry. The company has established a three-in-one development strategy of "commodity management, asset management, and capital management", carried out fruitful reforms in the corporate system and mechanism, and established a standardized and complete modern enterprise system and ISO9001 quality management system.

At present, the company has a professional team of nearly 100 people who are proficient in import and export business, and has long been engaged in the self-export business of outdoor sports and leisure series and bicycle and tooling products with functional ski clothing as the core. It has the ability to provide a full chain of apparel product export services from style design and development, surface accessories procurement, garment production and processing, and quality control inspections. Professional and high-quality services have won the trust of customers and a good export market share.


  • Evolution Period :

  • Hard Work Period :

  • Innovative Development
    Period (1996-present)

  • The origin of Tianjin silk import and export company (1954-1960)

  • Tianjin silk branch and Tianjin Textile Import and export company merged (1961-1982)

  • Tianjin Branch of China silk company established (1983-1987)

  • China National Silk Import and Export Corporation Tianjin Branch is moving forward in a difficult situation (1988-1994)

  • Strengthening and expanding Tianjin Silk Import and Export (Group) Company (1995)

  • Northern International Holding Tianjin Silk Co.,Ltd. is established and relocated (1996-1998)

  • Actively promote the effective operation of the new system (1999-2005)

  • Practice the scientific concept of development and promote the harmonious development of enterprises (2006-2008)

  • Implement the "Trinity" strategy and open up new business areas (2009-present)